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Green Words of Scouting


You might be a green neck if  - The majority of your wardrobe consists of GS t-shirts, You own handbooks for older levels that you haven't reached yet, You still have every piece of paper relating to GS that's crossed your threshold, your family eats fast food more than twice a week because of GS meetings, people stop you at the market to ask how to join Girl Scouting/Guiding, or you already know what all the green words below mean!

CIT- Counselor-in-Training-  A girl who has completed grade 10 or above and who is taking a counselor-in-training course to learn outdoor group leadership skills. Also the name of the project the counselor-in-training does to earn her title: specified hours of hands-on training in camping skills and outdoor education and an approximately two-week internship with an experienced counselor. Counselor-in-training II is an advanced CIT course, allowing a girl to further specialize in an area of her own interest.

Court of Awards- A ceremony where girls receive awards for their achievements.

Court of Honor -A troop/group decision-making and planning body that represents all the members and is made up of Girl Scout patrol leaders and troop/group officers and leaders/advisors.

Destination- A "destination" is any travel experience, regardless of distance or length of time that provides girls 11-17 with an opportunity to expand her personal experience beyond her everyday scope.

Dunk bag-A mesh cloth bag with a drawstring, used to sterilize and hang dry eating utensils when washing dishes.

Girl Scout Birthday- The official birthday of Girl Scouting, March 12, celebrated during Girl Scout Week, marks the first meeting of a Girl Scout troop held in 1912.

Girl Scout handshake - A formal way of greeting other Girl Scouts and Girl Guides. You shake hands with the left hand and give the Girl Scout sign with your right hand.

Girl Scout Leader's Day- A day of appreciation for adult volunteers in Girl Scouting celebrated each year on  Apr 22

            Girl Scout motto - Be prepared

Girl Scout quiet sign- Made by raising three fingers of the right hand. When you see someone else with their hand up you become quiet and raise your own hand to spread the message.

GORP- Good Old Raisins and Peanuts

GSOH - the Girl Scouts of Ohio's Heartland

GSUSA- the Girl Scouts of the United States of America

Journeys- The latest program resources for all levels introduced by GSUSA. Journeys ensure that girls are growing and developing their leadership potential.

Kapers-Kapers are chores/jobs that need to be accomplished during a meeting, camping, event or trip.

Kaper chart- A grid system, wheel, or table showing the job assigned to each girl or group of girls for any given project. Useful for meetings, camp-outs, and special events.  Search the internet for examples.

KJ - Camp Ken-Jockety

LIT- Leader-in-Training - A 14-17-year-old girl taking a leader-in-training course to learn group leadership skills. Also the name of the project the leader-in-training does to earn her title, which requires commitment to: eight to 10 hours of instruction, three to five hours of troop/group observation, and an internship under a specially trained mentor leader.

Mess Kit - Some sort of plate, bowl, cup, fork and spoon in a mesh (laundry) bag (also known as a dip bag).  You can put a kit together using miscellaneous wares from home.  Or you may purchase one found in the camping areas in most stores. 

PAL- Program Aide Leader- An 11-17-year-old girl who works directly with a troop/group under the supervision of an adult volunteer. The program aide is required to attend training sessions where she gains expertise in a particular field of interest, such as science, computers, or song leading.

Potlatch- "SWAPS" can trace their roots to POTLATCH the Native American custom of a ceremonial distribution of gifts. A ceremonial feast among certain Native American peoples of the Northwest Pacific coast . . . at which the host distributes gifts requiring reciprocation. A small memory of the occasion.

Safety-Essentials- Course offered through Council using Volunteer Essentials Resource Guide and Safety Activity Checkpoints. Course will Explore the and discover how to conduct Girl Scout activities safely. Register on CORA to receive the link via email

Safety-Wise- An (old) official publication of Girl Scouts of the USA addressed to all adults (and girls) in Girl Scouting containing Girl Scout program standards and guidelines that provide for the health and safety of all girls.

Service unit-A name many local Girl Scout councils give to a specific geographic area and the Girl Scouts within it — all leaders, troops/groups, and girls there. A service unit also includes individuals who give troop support. GSHH terminology refers to a geographic area as a “community”.

Sit-upon- A lightweight pad or mat used when sitting on the floor or ground.

SWAP- Simple Watchamacallit Attached with a Pin, used to remember a particular occasion or event. A little remembrance that one Girl Scout gives to another.

Thinking Day- World Thinking Day -February 22, the birthday of both Olave, Lady Baden-Powell, the World Chief Guide, and her husband, Robert, Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts. First celebrated in 1927 as Thinking Day; the day was renamed at the 1999 Girl Guide/Girl Scout World Conference. Girl Guides and Girl Scouts all over the world use the day to think of each other and exchange greetings, and learn about other countries

USAGSO- USA Girl Scouts Overseas -Girl Scouts of the USA's overseas arm, which delivers the Girl Scout program to American girls and girls attending American or international schools outside the continental United States.

VERG- Volunteer Essentials Resource Guide

Watcher- A person trained in basic water rescue who works under the direction of the lifeguard

Wider opportunity- Former name of STUDIO 2B destinations.  Now called Destinations.

World Centers- The four international Girl Guide/Girl Scout centers owned and operated by the World Association. They are: Pax Lodge, in London, England; Our Cabaña, in Cuernavaca, Mexico; Our Chalet, in Adelboden, Switzerland; and Sangam, in Pune, India

WAGGGS- World  Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

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