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Equipment Library



The Hilliard Service Unit has many useful items in inventory that are available for use by individual troops and for service unit events.  If you are interested in borrowing some of the items listed below, please contact the service unit team member who is currently storing that item.  Contact Beth (ejguthrie@yahoo.com) or Amy (amyraeb@sbcglobal.net) with general questions. 




Outdoor Cooking Supplies and pop-up tent – Gretchen  (gretchen101@gmail.com)


·         3 Dutch ovens and 2 Dutch oven handles


·         Pie irons (several)


·         Cast iron skillet


·         Cooking pots and pans


·         Pop-up tent




Archery Supplies – Cathy  (chealy@columbus.rr.com)


·         Bows


·         Arrows and arrow holders


·         Targets




Event Supplies and library – Natalie (chunkyfrogs2@yahoo.com)


·         4 pitchers


·         Daisy decorations (Place mats, silk flowers)


·         Drink cooler


·         Serving trays


·         Scout handbooks and journey books for each level




Parade flags, float building, and miscellaneous – Amy (amyraeb@sbcglobal.net)


·         American flag on wood pole with stand


·         Parade flags on PVC poles (U.S., Daisy, Brownie, and Girl Scout)


·         Red color guard sashes (2 sets)


·         Girl Scout parade banner and poles


·         Tarps with poles:  4 blue and 2 white


·         Float building supplies


·         Tajor tale books and puppets


·         Lemme sticks (several sets)


·         Tinikling poles (Filipino dance)


·         Ropes


·         Flagged roping




Karaoke machine – Beth (ejguthrie@yahoo.com)


·         Karaoke machine with microphone




AV equipment - Joanie 


·         AV Equipment – screen and projector




Canopy weights - Christine 


·         Canopy weights






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