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Equipment Library



(Revised 03/14/13)

Contact Beth Guthrie at ejguthrie@yahoo.com to request the needed items.
Please give at least a weeks notice.
Thank You!



**NEW - All Levels - Girl Guides (2012)

**NEW - All Levels - Leader Journey Guides (2012)

**NEW - All Levels - Girl Journey Guides (2012)

**NEW - All Levels - Journey Skill Building Inserts (2012) (Additional badge inserts for the Guide Books)


(2) Guide for Daisy Girl Scout Leaders (2000)

Daisy Girl Scout Activity Book (2000)

Who is a Daisy Girl Scout/The Story of Juliette Low (1993) Large Picture Book


The Guide for Brownie Girl Scout Leaders (2000)

Brownie Girl Scout Handbook (2000)

Try-Its for Brownie Girl Scouts (2000)

Brownies’ Own Songbook (1968)

Brownie Girl Scout Songbook (1999)

Here Come The Brownies (Books 3,5,6.7)


Junior Girl Scout Leaders Guide (2001)

Junior Girl Scout Handbook (2001)

Junior Girl Scout Badgebook (2001)

(3) Junior Girl Scout Activity Book (1992)


Guide for Cadette and Senior Girl Scout Leaders (1995)

(3) Cadette Girl Scout Handbook (1995)

Cadetter Interest Projects (1997)


(2) Safety Wise (2000)

(2) Outdoor Education in Girl Scouting (1996)

(4) Ceremonies in Girl Scouting (1990)

75 Years of Girl Scouting ( A History of Girl Scouting 1912-1986)

Trefoil Round the World (1988)

The Story of the Four World Centers (1993)

(2) Games for Girl Scouts (1999)

Play Party Games of Pioneer Times

365 Arts and Craft Activities (1997)

(2) Pocket Stew Outdoor Cookbook

Constellation Board (Year-round stargazing chart)

(2) Clowning Around Program (beige cover/no date)

(3) Clown Makeup posters and instructions

NWSU Outdoor Skills Manual (1994)


 Sing Together (1973)

Music Shall Live (1998)

Girl Scout Songs II (A cassette tape of 22 songs)

On My Honor/Say When (25-50 copies of word sheets)

Girl Scout Patriotic Songs (2 cassette tapes & song sheets)


 Program Supplies

Llummi Sticks – 30 pair (stored with KJ-7 equipment)

Lummi Sticks – 9 pair

Leather Stamping Kit (stored with KJ-7 equipment)

Double Dutch jump ropes (2)

Carnival or Fair type games:

            Pumpkin “stick” darts, bowling, go-fishing poles, pick-a-duck

            Clown bean bag toss, lollipop tree, large roll raffle tickets

Candlemaking supplies:

            Creative Candlemaking; The Complete Book of Candlemaking; The New Candle Book;

            The Candlemaker’s Primer; Traditional Candlemaking (all zeroz copies); 7# wax

Candy Canes (10) 4’ long for Daisy Candy Cane Hike - Joanie Johnson

Digital Cameras (2) finePix S5100 & S5000

Epson PictureMate Printers (6); Photo cartridges & paper, Fabric backdrops for photos

Archery Equipment:  10 bows, quivers, finger tabs, arm guards, 2 targets, 100+ arrows

      Note:  Must have a certified archery instructor present to use this equipment

 Insulated Coffee Pots {1.2 liter}(4)


Ceremony Supplies

Daisy Flag 2’x3’

(2) Brownies Flags 2’x3’

Girl Scout Flag 2’x3’

American Flag 2’x3’

Girl Scout Flag 3’x5’

American Flag 3’x5’

Tripod flag stands (4)

Round flag stands (3)

(2) American flags (small plastic hand-held)

(15) Color Guard Sashes (red)

American/Girl Scout Flags (8”x12”) with table stand

(5) large red/white/blue bows (for parade float)


Craft Supplies

(2) Silk screen frames 16’x12”

Silk screen frame 10”x121 “squeegee” (no handle) for silk screening

Silk screen printing instruction booklet

Circle Cutter (stored with KJ-7 equipment)


Consumable Program Supplies

     (Inventory always changing)

foam plates

plastic tableware

lunch napkins

red cocktail napkins

plastic glasses

small garbage bags


sipper sticks (box)

dinner size plates

foam cups

pleated mini nut or candy cups

straws, wrapped

15” white paper lace doilies

coffee filters

7oz translucent plastic cups

metal placecard holders


Camping Equipment

Canopy  Tents (2)

5 gallon drink coolers (2 stored with KJ-7 equipment)

Oblong griddle (cast iron)

6 qt Dutch ovens (4)

15” T-handle for Dutch ovens (2)

Pie irons (16)

Skillet 15”, cast iron

2-gallon kettles

Misc. pots of various sizes

Campfire cooking grids – heavy duty 23”x12” (2)

Campfire Tripod (large)

Duel fuel cook stoves – Coleman Peak 1 Feather 442 (2)

Teflon cutting board (12”x18”)

4 psc. Campers cooking utensil set

long-handled spatula

3 lg storage containers with lids to hold supplies

5 large tarps


Clowning Supplies

(inventory available upon request)

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