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Registration Instructions


Girls with no changes, staying in the same troop may register on line through CORA. Go to the www.GSOH.org web site for more information.

·Do not send cash.

·Put troop numbers on checks and money orders

·Do not use red ink, pencil, or felt tip.

·Do not staple. Use a paper clip.

·Membership registrations are non-refundable.


Dues Summary

·A Membership Dues Summary form must accompany all new, re-registering, or additions to troop forms.

·Include both copies!

·Council Code = 238, Group Number = Troop Number, Report Code (is asking for Hilliard Service Unit number) = 894, Registration Area (is asking for county number) = 25

·For additions, meeting information may be marked “no changes.”


Adult Forms

·Position code is reset to 14 each year. You have to make the change. It is Council’s way of verifying that you are choosing to be the level of volunteer that you write.

·Verify all of the information. I am finding misspellings in emails and in street names.

·If someone has ever been a Girl Scout before, she is re-registering.

·Include all troops in which you have a position. If you have already registered with another troop, make a note to that effect. You only pay once. But, Council needs a form for each troop.


Girl Forms

·Please verify information

·Must have at least one signature.

·Please include an emergency contact.

·Number of years in Girl Scouting is years completed.

·Please fill in the self-reporting racial and ethnic background. Council uses this for demographic records. It is not associated with your girl once it is entered into the system.


Family Partnership

At the bottom of all forms, there is an area for Family Partnership donations. These are very important and helpful donations. Please encourage your families to donate. Every little bit helps.


Ready to submit:

·Put forms in alphabetical order by last name. Adult Forms on top and then Girl Forms.

·On top of the Adult Forms, place the Membership Dues Summary – both copies!!

·Place checks on top. Ideally there is one check from the troop.

·Keep yellow copies of Adult and Girl Forms!!! These are Troop Copies!!!

·Paper clip the stack together.


Turn in to Kim Shontz, Service Unit Registrar, 3715 Bushmill Falls Dr Cols, 43221. There is a bin on my front porch. If you have any questions, please email me: 




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